In the recent past, our Homeowner’s Association has not collected dues from our homeowners. Previously, funds were generated by the Board members and your neighbors who volunteered their time working in the beer tent at the Frankfort FallFest. In turn, our Homeowners Association was paid for these volunteered hours with income from the Frankfort FallFest.  We no longer have the option of working for the Frankfort FallFest beer tent to generate those funds.

Membership dues make it possible for the Homeowners Association to pay for the landscaping and maintenance of our two entrances, as well as replacing the American flag when it becomes worn.  The entrances are exposed to the elements 24/7/365.  Once the weather warms up this spring we will be getting bids to repaint both entrances as the paint is starting to peel in a few places.  Additionally, dues are used to fund the costs of needed ads related to participation in community events, like the subdivision/village-wide garage sale in the summer and other events that involve our youth.  


Membership in the Heritage Knolls Homeowners Association is voluntary; however, it gives us a stronger voice to work with the Village and the Park District when we need their services.


Again in 2020, we are asking our homeowners to pay $40 to support our subdivision and organization.  We are hoping for 100% participation.


Payments can also be received by visiting and selecting PayPal (we ask anyone using PayPal to mark the payment as “Friends and Family” so the HOA doesn’t lose 3.7% of your payment to PayPal’s fees), or they can be mailed to:

Bryan Rust 
c/o Heritage Knolls Homeowners Association 
P.O. Box 1142 
Frankfort, IL 60423

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