The Architectural Review Committee must approve all exterior changes to a property as indicated in the covenants.  The Committee has specific policies that serve as their guidelines.   The authority of the Architectural Review Committee has been recognized in a court of law.


If you are thinking about doing any major outside work (i.e. alterations, swimming pools, fences, sheds, etc) please contact the Architectural Review Committee early so you are not delayed in your plans.


Copies of the covenants can be obtained by clicking on the associated Unit with your lot below and viewed withAdobe Acrobat Reader.    Copies can also be purchased from the Homeowners Association for $20.00 per phase.


All questions about the Homeowners Association and the Architectural Review Committee can be directed to the current president of the Homeowners Association.

Permits - Landscape Guidelines

In order to process your landscape permit the following information must accompany the permit application.


1.  "As Built'' final grade survey that identifies the final grades established by the builder. This survey is necessary so the Building Department can check the "as built'' to verify that the grades are in conformance with the engineered plan of the subdivision. The General Contractor is responsible for this survey. However, it may not have been available at closing due to wet soils conditions. That would have restricted the General Contractor from establishing the final grades. Please secure a copy from your General Contractor and submit with your permit application.

2.  Identify on the plat of survey location of drainage swales, size of swales and direction of storm water runoff.

3.  Identify on the plat of survey location of planting areas and distances from lot lines. Planting area/berms may not encroach into drainage swales. All drainage swales must be grass - no mulch, rock etc.

If grade adjustments are required as defined on the as-built survey it will be the responsibility of the General Contractor to grade accordingly. A landscape permit or irrigation permit will not be issued until grades are established in accordance with the drainage plans of the subdivision.

Recommended Trees


Botanical Name                                               Common Name
Acer platanoides var.                                      Norway Maple
Acer lignum var.                                             Black Maple
Acer rubrum var.                                            Red Maple
Acer saccharum var.                                       Sugar Maple (for parkway greater than 10 ft.)
Carya Ovata                                                  Shagbark Hickory
Celtis Occidentalis                                         Hackberry
Corylus colurna                                              Turkish Filbert
Ginkgo biloba (male only)                            Maidenhair Tree
Gleditsia triancanthos inermis var.             Thornless Honeylocust
Gymnocladus dioicus                                 Kentucky Coffeetree
Juglans nigra                                                   Walnut
Ostrya/Virginiana                                           Ironwood
Pyrus calleryana                                             Callery Pear
Quercus Alba                                                  White Oak
Quercus bicolor                                              Swamp White Oak
Quercus ellipsoldalis                                     Hill's Oak
Quercus Imbricaria                                        Shingle Oak
Quercus macrocarpa                                     Bur Oak
Quercus muehlenbergii                                Chinkapin Oak
Quercus robur                                                English Oak
Quercus rubra                                                Red Oak
Quercus velutina                                           Black Oak
Taxodium Distichum                                    Bald Cypres
Tilia Americana                                             American Linden
Tilia cordata var.                                            Littleleaf Linden
Tilia euchlora "Redmond"                            Redmond Linden
Tilia vulgaris                                                   European Linden
Ulmus x 'Regal'                                               Regal Hybrid Elm

 (Ord. 1565, passed 4-1-96)